First United Methodist Church of West Chicago
Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Grace Notes

February 2, 2016
Ground Hog Day. A day to ask “Will we have more winter than spring this year?” but not only that. We ask if there will be more darkness than light to our year.  Even when spring should be arriving, the Christian tradition is singing in minor tones and preaching about what nailed Jesus to the cross. We’re morning our sins, forcing ourselves into darkness, when creation is preaching resurrection from the winter cold.  
Today, if you hope for Phil to not to see his shadow, you get that Christianity should not try to beat out creation for the mood of the nation. That’s why at First UMC we are practicing how to get the devil off your back so you can enjoy the spring dance. 
The truth is God is ALWAYS about resurrection. “I am the resurrection and the life.” said Jesus in the Gospel of John. Ground Hog Day can be another prayer that the resurrection of creation (of which you are included) can come sooner than later. 
In God’s peace, 
Pastor Nancy Rethford